BBQ Cook-off

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The BBQ Cook-off at the Wild Wild West Fest is an IBCA Sanctioned State Championship Cook-off where entrants will compete for over $15,000 in cash and prizes. Entry categories include brisket, chicken, ribs and pork tenderloin.

Kids Q

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The Kids Q is a parent-supervised contest where kids aged 17 and under compete to produce the best pork chops. Kids, along with their parents will register at the sign up tent by Friday at 5 p.m. After registration, the entrants have until 7:30 p.m. to return their finished product to the tent. Awards will be announced Saturday in association with the BBQ Cook-off Awards ceremony.

Steak Cook-off

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The Steak Cook-off is sanctioned by the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) and will pay the first five places.  The Steak Cookoff Association is dedicated to building the sport of steak cook-offs.  The SCA benefits both cook teams and cook-offs by implementing standardized rules and equal competitive opportunities for each team.
SCA currently has events in 13 states. In 2015 SCA went international with 3 events in Europe and in 2016 expanded to Canada. That number is an expected to reach 10 SCA events in Europe in 2017.

Chuck Wagon Cook-off

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In 2018, the WWWF will host our second Chuck Wagon cook-off. The chuck wagon cook-off will be sanctioned by the American Chuck Wagon Association (ACWA). Tickets for Saturday’s chuck wagon lunch can be purchased in advance at the Chamber for $15 each, but hurry, a limited number of tickets will be sold.
The ACWA encourages participants to preserve this important part of American History through educational and competitive events that involve setting up camp, cooking using authentic Old Western tools and showing their restored or replicated chuck wagons. The Chuck Wagon cook-off promises to bring to life a part of American at this year’s Wild, Wild West Fest.
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